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StarLeaf’s solutions support rapid communication and seamless collaboration in the varied modern work environment. From small huddle spaces to the largest meeting rooms, and from fixed desks and individual offices to roaming remote and home workers, StarLeaf brings powerful communication to every employee, wherever they choose to work, and whatever device they are on.

Conference and Boardrooms

An organization’s largest meeting rooms or auditoriums can no longer just be great spaces to use in person. They also need to be fitted with technology that allows participants to communicate, share, present and discuss as easily as if they were there in the conference room.

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Smaller Meeting Spaces

Smaller meeting rooms and huddle spaces are a crucial part of how teams collaborate; stepping away from an often open-plan office environment to somewhere they can discuss, debate, share ideas, and review presentations. StarLeaf’s technology allows these small meeting rooms to offer all that collaborative benefit to people not there in person; allowing them to see, hear and participate.

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Desktop and Mobile

The workplace isn’t nearly as fixed as it once was;  many people hot-desk, move between offices, or spend some or all of the week working remotely. StarLeaf provides messaging, meeting and calling tools that work consistently for them, regardless of how and where they choose to work, and on what devices.

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Remote and Homeworking

One of the biggest workplace trends of the 21st century is the growth in flexible home and remote working. StarLeaf provides the tools to facilitate this flexible approach; ensuring that remote workers can dial into meetings just as easily as their colleagues in the office, see and hear what is going on, and contribute just as if they were there in person.

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